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India Program

Program Manager: Karyn Bakelaar

Tel: 613-226-2112 Ext. 2,

General Information:
  • Program opened in 2005.
  • This program is open to those of Indian descent, overseas citizens of India and also non- Indians. Parents of Indian descent will be given priority
  • Open across Canada (except Quebec)..
  • Applicants should be open to a child of either gender and up to age 3 (minimum), and/or children with special needs. In some cases, sibling groups are available for adoption from India. Applicants wishing to adopt siblings must be open to children up to age 8 (minimum). 
  • Both parents are required to complete one trip of 2 weeks (depending on orphanage).
  • Children in need of families due to poverty and single parenthood.
  • Majority of the children reside in orphanages with voluntary and professional staff.
  • Both boys and girls are waiting for families.
  • Children range in age from a minimum of 18 months+ at time of referral. Many older children are waiting for families in India.
  • Brief child study and medical report is provided.
  • Single men or women are eligible and must be over 30 and less than 45 years of age to adopt a child under 4 years old, under 50 years of age to adopt a child 4-8 years old, and under 55 to adopt a child over 8 years old.
  • A single or unmarried male can only adopt a male child.
  • The minimum age difference between the child and either of the prospective adoptive parents should not be less than 25 years.
  • Adoptive parent’s composite age should be less than 90 years to adopt a child under 4 years of age, less than 100 years to adopt a child 4-8 years of age and less than 110 to adopt a child over 8 years old.
  • Married couples must have a minimum two years stable marital relationship.
  • Couples living common-law are not eligible to adopt.
  • Families must maintain an adequate financial portfolio to provide a good upbringing for the child.
  • Applicants should be physically, mentally and emotionally stable; financially capable; motivated to adopt a child; and should not have any life threatening medical condition.
  • Both applicants must be free from criminal record.
  • Couples with more than three children in the home already are only eligible to adopt via the special needs program. 
  • Completion of a home study and approval in province.
  • Complete dossier, including India specific home study
  • File notarized by The Children’s Bridge and registered in the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS) which is the online system of the Central Adoption Resource Authority.
  • Child referrals come to The Children’s Bridge, which is shared with the family.
  • Family consults with Adoption Practitioner and physician and is requested to accept the proposed referral within 96 hours.
  • Court hearings usually take place 6-9 months after acceptance documents are sent to India.
  • Both parents are required to travel to India before or after the court hearing, depending on the court request.
  • A slightly varying process will be completed for those adopting through the special needs stream. Please contact the Program Manager for more information.
  • Home study completion varies (average time 3 – 6 months).
  • Approval in province takes between 4 and 16 weeks.
  • Family matched with a child within approximately 2 years after registering with the online system CARINGS.
  • After accepting a referral, court finalization takes place within approximately 6-9 months.
  • Family travels to India 2-4 months after the final court hearing.
  • Stay in India is approximately 2 weeks.
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