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Facts to Consider When Choosing Your Adoption Program

Please note that our Agency is currently not accepting new applicants to the India Program.

Our India Program has grown rapidly over the past year, and we are thankful to have the opportunity to work with our families. However, with the increase in families and the added strain of COVID closures and backlog with Consulates and Central Authorities, our Agency has made the decision to focus on our current families and ensure that they are not being “lost in the process” during this time.

Our Agency will be lifting the hold and accepting new families to the India program in the new year. We will continue to answer inquiries regarding the India program, and look forward to staying connected with interested families.

 Florida (ACF)South KoreaThailandIndiaUSA (HAI)
Age of Child10 – 14 days at
time of placement
18 – 24 months at
14 months and
up at placement
18 months & up10 – 14 days at
time of placement
Sex Male and FemaleMostly male
(cannot specify
Both boys and
Both boys & girls
(but mostly girls)
Male and Female
Time to Referral
9 – 18 months 3 - 10 months
from time file is
received in Korea
3 yearsInconsistent (within
2 years)
9 ‒ 18 months
Health Info Received
with Referral
(child and
ComprehensiveLimited medicalLimitedComprehensive (child & familial)
Familial HistoryBirth family
history will be
Some birth &
familial history
included in
referral package
Some history
may be included
Some history may
be provided
Birth family history will be provided
Marital StatusSingle, same sex,
heterosexual married,
transgender and
common-law couples
No singles –
married min. 3
Married min. 2
Single men and
women and married
couples (2 years).
Single, same sex,
heterosexual married
and common-law
Trip1 trip of 7 – 14
Two trips1 trip, approx. 3
1 trip, 2 – 3 weeks
9unless adopting
from Hyderabad,
then 2 trips)
1 trip of 7 ‒ 14 days
Estimated Cost*$80,000 CAD ‒ $110,000 CAD$53,000 -
$55,000 CAD
$35,000 -
$37,000 CAD
$38,000 -
$40,000 CAD
$80,000 ‒ $110,000 CAD

*Please note:
Estimated costs may not include some flights, meals, incidentals, etc. Please confirm all costs with Program Manager prior to submission of fees.

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