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Countries at a Glance

Facts to Consider When Choosing Your Adoption Program

 South KoreaThailandIndiaUSA (HAI)
Age of Child18 – 24 months at
14 months and
up at placement
18 months & up10 – 14 days at
time of placement
Sex Mostly male
(cannot specify
Both boys and
Both boys & girls
(but mostly girls)
Male and Female
Time to Referral
3 - 10 months
from time file is
received in Korea
3 yearsInconsistent (within
2 years)
9 ‒ 18 months
Health Info Received
with Referral
ComprehensiveLimited medicalLimitedComprehensive (child & familial)
Familial HistorySome birth &
familial history
included in
referral package
Some history
may be included
Some history may
be provided
Birth family history will be provided
Marital StatusNo singles –
married min. 3
Married min. 2
Single men and
women and married
couples (2 years).
Single, same sex,
heterosexual married
and common-law
TripTwo trips1 trip, approx. 3
1 trip, 2 – 3 weeks
9unless adopting
from Hyderabad,
then 2 trips)
1 trip of 7 ‒ 14 days
Estimated Cost*$53,000 -
$55,000 CAD
$35,000 -
$37,000 CAD
$38,000 -
$40,000 CAD
$80,000 ‒ $110,000 CAD

*Please note:
Estimated costs may not include some flights, meals, incidentals, etc. Please confirm all costs with Program Manager prior to submission of fees.

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