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U.S.A. (Florida)

Program Manager: Karyn Bakelaar

Tel: 613-226-2112 Ext. 231

Advocates for Children and Families

The Children’s Bridge is now working with a second adoption agency, Advocates for Children and Families, based in Florida, USA. We are now accepting files for this adoption program. This program will be open to same-sex couples, as well as single women. Due to the limited options available for same-sex families and single applicants, priority will be given to these applicants.

General Information:
  • Advocates for Children and Families is a not-for-profit adoption agency licensed by the State of Florida since 1992
  • Families must be open to parenting a child from any race or ethnic background, as well as to either gender
  • Prospective adoptive families typically wait anywhere from 12 – 24 months from dossier submission to being matched with an expectant mother
  • Adoptive families are chosen by an expectant mother in Florida – families must be open to semi and/or open adoptions for this program
  • Once selected by an expectant mother, the adoptive family will be provided with written information about the prospective child and a cost estimate for the adoption which they may accept or reject
  • Each case has a somewhat different cost due to the variance in living and medical expenses for the birth mother. Counseling is also a variable in some cases
  • Three post-placement reports are required once returning home to Canada. The adoption cannot be finalized until this occurs
  • Finalization of the adoption will be in the Florida court that issued the approval of placement, which the family will attend via teleconference, approximately 6 – 8 months following placement.
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