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Homeland Visit China
Think about group homeland visits organized by The Children’s Bridge, an adoption agency with over 20 years of experience working and travelling in China.


Why go on a homeland visit with your child?


Travelling to your child’s country of birth to learn about his/her heritage is an irreplaceable experience. It can open the door for discussions about his/her culture and adoption. I know, from first-hand experience with my children that it instils a sense of pride built on direct contact. The trip makes the culture a lively, rich reality far more tangible for a child than sporadic celebrations at occasional events. Visiting China makes your child a participant in the culture of an evolving and exciting country rather than being a distant observer of a far off “foreign” land. The trip sends a strong message that your family values China and its place in your family history.

I encourage you to look at the following stories (and photos!) about families who have experienced a homeland tour:

China Homeland Visit – July 2017
By Danica (CB September 2017 issue)

China Homeland Photo Gallery

Vol. 38 March 2006 edition of the CB Quarterly Newsletter to read the stories of two families who took the journey in October 2005.



How old should my child be?


Children’s Bridge Homeland Visits are open to adoptees 6 years and older at the time of the trip.


Should I visit the orphanage with my child?


A trip to China does not have to include a visit to your child’s orphanage. That decision is yours to make in the best interest of your child. Most families do choose to visit their child’s orphanage. I will be happy to talk to you in a general way about the variety of encounters.


Can I visit both of my children’s orphanage cities?….


Yes, there is time built in to the itinerary for families to visit 2 orphanage cities.

Future Dates

March 1 – 15, 2019

June 28 – July 12, 2019


China Homeland Visit – July 2017
By Danica

(Here’s an email to The Children’s Bridge from one of the
China Homeland Visit families:)

Ni Hao!,

Thought I would touch base and let you know that Maddie and I arrived home from China last night. We had an absolutely wonderful trip! Thanks again for organizing everything! We all greatly appreciate it!

Madeline loved her first China experience and has already asked to go back again in a few years. I personally loved that she made a connection with another girl on our trip and that we will get them together in future. Having a friend close in age in an exact same situation that she can talk to as she ages is great for them both. And I made some new friends too!


Madeline jumping for joy on the Great Wall of China. Next to meeting her foster family this was what she was most excited to see on our trip.


Madeline and I about to embark on our rickshaw ride through the Hutong in Beijing.

Also the fact we were able to meet and spend significant time with Madeline’s foster parents is amazing. Madeline spent 9 of the 10 months of her pre-adoption life with her foster family. To be able to get to know them is so important for us. We exchanged information and plan on keeping in touch. We will definitively visit them again when we return to China. Madeline was the sixth and last child they fostered…and she is the only one to return thus far. They are lovely people and were so happy to see Maddie.

hlt_CHn2017_inside house300

Madeline and me with her Foster Parents in their home in Dianjiang, Sichuan. Madeline was the sixth and last child they fostered and the only one who has returned thus far. 

The orphanage director Ms. Lee (who was the same person who drove to Chongqing and handed Maddie to me in Jan 2009) could also not have been more lovely. She was thrilled to see Madeline and treated her so warmly. All in all it was a wonderful experience. 

hlt_CHn2017_3 ladies300262

Madeline, me and Ms. Lee the current Director of the Dianjiang SWI. Ms. Lee was the Assistant Director in 2009 and was the woman who brought Madeline into Chongqing and handed her to me. We have many photo’s of us with Ms. Lee in Jan 2009 and it was lovely to see her again and have her tour us around the orphanage 

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our time in China. 

All the best, Danica 


Photo taken during Yangtze cruise


Photo taken at the ShiBaoZhai Pagoda while on the Yangtze cruise excursion

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